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                MPS Solutions works with companies, individual clients and security teams to develop a specific and unique Operational Medical Plan for the client. We look at the factors that could influence a client’s medical wellbeing and counter attack with an invaluable unique Medical Plan for that client.

                Why does a client need a Medical Plan? That is like asking why a client should have Ransom insurance for Kidnapping. Answer, you never want to use either but you want to have the best plan in place in case the need for it ever arose. Risk and Safety management is a very real and much needed service. The Medical Wellbeing of a client is equally as important.

                Why choose MPS Solutions? Our team of professionals specializes in the areas of Executive Protection/Close Protection, Emergency Medicine, Combat Medicine and Law Enforcement. The combined skill set of this team allows us to provide a unique approach to individual client needs. As Medical Protection Specialist, we take pride in developing each confidential Medical Plan. Our goal is for our clients to have medical security when it matters most.

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