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Medical Protection Specialist

  Professional in both fields of Security and Medicine who ensures the Security, Safety and Medical wellbeing of VIP's or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk.

What we do:  

     MPS Solutions specializes in the entire wellbeing of the client. Working as part of the protection detail or as a consultant for the team, we cover all aspects of the clients HEALTH & SAFETY.

      As Executive Protection Specialists, we provide close protection security for Government Officials, Celebrities, VIP Executives and others seeking protection services. As the Medical Protection Specialist of the protection detail, we develop, coordinate and put into action a medical plan for each client specifically. No two clients are alike, No two medical plans are alike. We cover the medical wellbeing of the client.

     We can develop the medical plan as part of a team or train detail team members how to develop their own. Having a medical plan is a crucial part of the clients overall HEALTH & SAFETY. We take the "guessing" out and put it into a plan that becomes part of the teams SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

     Keeping the client safe and healthy is our priority so we also develop Team Member Medical Profiles. Keeping team members healthy makes them fully functional. An injured or sick team member can jeopardize the function and flow of how the team operates. We strive to keep everyone up to peek performance for the overall benefit of the client. 

Where we go:

     Our team is ready to deploy to any destination worldwide. We develop professional personal medical plans for the client in each area he may reside or travel to. Each area presents their unique difference, that’s where we come in. We adapt to the structure of any detail team. Weather or not the team is High or Low Visablity, we blend into the team or can function in the shadows out of the clients sight.

When this should be done:

     A medical plan should be established for a client’s residential area now. This is the working foundation for the clients profile and future travels. The clients profile can determine specialties needed in some traveled to areas. Additional medical plans need to be established prior to a client’s travel schedule of course. How long will depend on the notice given by the client. Take advantage of frequently known travel destinations already. When a client decides to travel is when a medical plan should be started. Take advantage of "Time" to have the best plan put into play. ** "The quick traveler". Some clients may give a few hours to a days’ notice that is not a problem. We can be quickly integrated into a team for travel and develop an "On the Go" medical plan as the client travels. Most work will be done with boots on the ground the same time the client is at the destination. If we are not integrated into the team, we can develop a remote medical plan that can be sent to the team. This method would require the information to be built on at a later time to complete a the full medical plan.

Why establish a Client Medical Plan:

     Our clients are the first priority. This needs to include Health as well as Safety. 1.) Some clients have pre-existing medical conditions that could present a need for immediate medical attention. This will not stop them from living their life, so with preventative measures we can assist them anywhere they may be. 2.) Clients may be very health with no medical history at all. Why have a medical plan? Why have a Medical Protection Specialist on the team? The fact is, healthy people still get sick or injured. It could be anything from a simple cold, headache, stomachache, flu, to a cut finger, twisted ankle or broken bone. We plan to care for the simple to the worst. 3.) High Threat levels. Clients may have a High Threat level or travel to areas where the Threat levels are High. Clients meeting this criteria have the possibility of some traumatic event happening. As Critical Care, Tactical/ Combat Medics, we possess high quality lifesaving skills that are used in hostile/ austere environments. We are able to provide treatment, life saving measures, and evacuate to further definitive care from these areas. Our Medical Plan takes the guess work out of what to do when precious minutes matter.

     The client medical plan is established for the purpose of controlling any medical or trauma emergency that "could" take place anywhere at any time. 

An emergency medical facility is the best means of definitive medical care; the fastest emergency medical care is the Medical Protection Specialist that is already at the client’s side.

How do we make the Medical Plan:

     Our team works with the client or representative of the client to gather information. Through research, travel and with key information we work on the following:

  • Client Profile Development
  • Pre-Travel Advance Work
  • Medical Threat Assessments
  • Medical Logistics Planning
  • Protective Medical Training
  • Detail Team Profile Development

     This information is put into a working medical plan and made part of the teams SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Members of the team are then educated on the procedures and protocol for their client. 

     Personal client information is kept private and confidential at all times. The degree of information presented in the team SOP will be the client’s choice.     

     We help the team outfit the clients vehicles, jets, home, vacation homes or hotels with the proper medical equipment that should be in place. We educate the team how to keep specific equipment ready and available at a moments notice. 

Who should have a Medical Plan:

  • Government Officials
  • Celebrities
  • VIP Executives
  • Family members of the above who travel with them
  • Children of the above that attend school away from home
  • Family of the above who travel seperate for vacations
  • Friends of the above who travel with them
  • Everyday families who want peace of mind while on out of country or state side vacations

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